Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chinese Cuisine and others (Pictorial)

Stir-fried squid with yellow pepper, too sweet to my taste, I prefer red or green.

To whip up a few dishes in Russia, some help is neeeded. I gathered all these from Singapore and Malaysia...which easily explained my habitually grossly overweight luaggage. Picture taken in Malaysia.

Curry chicken with rice, with help of curry powder, turned out fine.

A little digression. I tried to cook Hungarian Goulash. To achieve tender meat, I should have let it boil on low fire for two hours.

My "magic" rice cooker. I brought it from Singapore. I could not find it in Russia...my quality of life was sadly compromised for a while without it when I first came.

For a lazy day, one could prepare chicken and some spices and leave it in the "magic pot" - rice cooker to steam together with the rice.

Typical stir-fried pork with onion, green onion and 40% (concentrated) abalone sauce, omelette and rice.

Chinese dumplings with minced pork and cabbage, my first attempt in Russia. It could be improved. The skin is too thick , but the filling was tasty.


  1. you lead a very singaporean-lifestyle in kaliningrad. when i saw your first picture up there, i thought you were in singapore.