Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My First Birthday in Russia

I bought a cake for friends in Russia. My teacher, Ludmilla, Erka and Axele.

Russian doll, my present for my Russian birthday!

Home-cooked meal for the day!

Gift from my Mongolian classmate, Erka.

Yet another gift from me for myself. Japanese tea-set, come visit me in Kaliningrad.

I am blessed with gifts and bouquets. My teacher gave me linen tea-tower from Smolensk, an ancient city in Russia.

November in Russian is prounounced as na-ya-brrrr...Good opportunity to develop the tongue when you start to learn Russian.

Holding the flowers that my French friend, Axele gave me.

My Birthday Cake.



  1. Hope it's not too late to still wish you a happy belated birthday.

  2. Not too late, you are just many days earlier to wish me on my next birthday!


  3. 很可惜啊、你过完生日我们才认识,要不就可以为你庆祝生日了啦。发现你的博客就是中文有点少,所以我就不用俄文写了,呵呵、希望天天开心