Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Russian Kitchen

This is how my little Russian kitchen looks. I bought the coffee set at a shop in Kaliningrad where many local products are sold, however this particular blue and white coffee set is made in Belorussia.

I was lucky to land myself in this apartment with live-in condition, where my landlady prepared every possible thing I need in the kitchen, and even in the toilet. However she didn't expect a Chinese like me would need so much more in the kitchen than she could provide. I have so far bought a bigger pot for soup, a better frying pan for stir-frying (yes, Chinese wok is expectedly non-existent in Russia, at least in this part of my Russia), two plates, two soup bowls, two rice bowls, and stuff my fridge all month round with food and more food.

Recently I also added a China-made electrical rice-cooker to my collection, to spare myself from watching the fire attentively to boil a perfect pot of rice. Hand-carried all the way from Singapore, I would never forget the sweet aroma of the first steamed Chinese sausage I had from this magical thingie.

If I do remember what else is missing but I fail to add on, I must say that a pair of chopsticks is all I yearn for. I even tried to get it in Saint Petersburg, but no one is selling that in the shops or whatsoever. Out of desperation, the only solution was to buy it in the Chinese restaurant, and yes I do keep a remaining pair until today, or at least until I find a decent companion for my Chinese rice bowl and spoon.

As like most local apartments, space for kitchen is often not so generously allocated. In my flat with two bedrooms, my kitchen only allow for two to dine together. However this doesn't stop me from inviting friends over for dinner. I have a decent living room for party and it becomes an extension of my kitchen.


  1. You finally have new post here. You bought so many stuffs. How are you going to carry back to Singapore when you leave Kaliningrad?

  2. I don't know...but I guess the most important thing to leave behind is my heart!