Monday, February 22, 2010

Winterly Kaliningrad

Winter clothes for women in Russian winter are aplenty and stylish, but here she is more on the elegant side with traditional Russian woollen scarf.

A frozen pond in the heart of city, people often walk on it for fun, and authority has to put up signboard to warn them not to do so.

It was plus 3 degree-celcius, hence I should not walk on the pond as warned by the sign post.

In a week's time, Spring time beckons, winter will all be over. These are some favourite moments of my time in Kaliningrad. Very often, the Baltic sun shone brightly on the glistening white snow, which adds warmth to the cold air. Winter activities are aplenty, however being new here, I indulged in none. People in winter days here go ice-fishing, skating, watch ice-sculpture and making ice-sculpture (in other cities), and sailing.


  1. haha, you look like a Russian with that felt hat.

  2. It is nowhere near a felt hat, but a soft, luxurious, lovely mink hat! A must for a Russian freezing winter!
    The lady looks very exquisite and classy!

  3. It is indeed an authentic fur hat!! I love it so much! If I live here any longer, I will be tempted to buy a short fur coat, later, a long one, later another one...

    Its alright to suffer the winter as long as I have any of the above.

  4. пиши еще!