Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lily of the Valley- Return of Happiness

Lily of the Valley also means Return of Happiness in the" language of flowers" .

Finding Lily of the Valley in the Botanical Gardens in Kaliningrad.

Holding a bouquet or two of lily of the valley is a common sight on Russian streets in May day. Before long it will disappear from the streets as soon as summer sets in. Goodbye! :(

Street peddlars or more accurately old people or pensioneers sell them in little bouquet like this, it is delicately soaked in water before the frangrance is passed on to buyers.
In Christian legend, it is also known as Our Lady's Tears.
Delicate and fragrant, I cannot take my eyes off them.

Russians wrote mang songs about all kinds of flowers, and flowers symbolise many good values, particularly in the language of love. I heard the Russian song about lily of the valley or sounded "Landishi"(Ландыши) in Russian a long time, it was great that I finally saw them in the woods and also on the streets. In Chinese, it is called "Ling-lan" (铃兰 ), which means bell-like lilies. They do really look like shy little belles hanging tightly together.
The little bouquet costs about SGD 1.50, and the fragrance lasted for days. They bloom only in May days, when summer sets in, they disappeared entirely, and new flowers of summer are pressent now. In the month of May, it is also the season of fountains, and many flowers started to bloom, and are sold everywhere on the streets. Russians are intimately linked to flowers, and in the month of May, it couldn't be more evident. They would buy the lilies and hold them with care and bring them home.
A little more about this wonderful flower:
This woodland plant is native throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe and a limited native population in Eastern USA. They are popular as garden, grown for its scented flowers and for its ground-covering abilities in shady locations.
The flower is also known as Our Lady's tears, since, according to Christian legend, the lily of the valley came into being from Eve's tears after she was driven with Adam from the Garden of Eden, although this seems unlikely, since in Catholic parlance, "Our Lady" refers to the Virgin Mary. It is a symbol of humility in religious painting. Lily of the valley is considered the sign of Christ's second coming. The power of men to envision a better world was also attributed to the lily of the valley.

Other names include May lily, May bells, lily constancy, ladder-to-heaven, male lily, and muguet (French). In the "language of flowers", the lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness. Legend tells of the affection of a lily of the valley for a nightingale that did not come back to the woods until the flower bloomed in May.


  1. What lovely photos! I hope you don't mind if I use some of them for my blog, Splendid Market -- I will, of course give you credit!

  2. Nice pics ya...wish i could see them in real..

  3. Well i first heard about them in this russian book The Adventures Of Dennis...never knew they look so pretty..


  4. very beautiful! how lucky you are to have seen, touched, and smelled them. :)

  5. I found this page when looking for pictures of Lily of the Valley. Yours are lovely. However, the photo of you in the gardens is not Lily of the Valley. It's another shade-loving wildflower, and here in the US it is most commonly called Solomon's Seal, or Polygonatum. I have these two flowers growing together beside my home in Massachusetts, USA.

  6. beautiful girl, beautiful flowers
    want to see you in Russia has been well