Monday, June 14, 2010

Goodbye Kaliningrad!!

Accordian musicians are seen here, music fills the air.

The Victory Square and Kaliningrad State Technical University in heart of city.

Fountain season already started in May!

One of the many parks in the city, one of my favourite - Youth Park.

A very green city, trees are meticulously planted. And I know at

My quiet corner to reflect on deeper meaning of life...

This city turned 750 years old in 2006, dated back in East Prussian days.

Cultural life in Kaliningrad - a showcase of performances.

Summer time Kaliningrad is lovely, people barely stay at home.


  1. 可以看得出,你很舍不得这座城市。

  2. Hi, Lishan,
    This is about Kaliningrad, for your information. I just came across it in 明報.
    Here is a link to it.