Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teaching is a way of life

The cover already looks very friendly, great effort on part of the author to help self-learners!

Who said Chinese is difficult? It is a deep and beautiful language.

Singapore is one of the best place to learn Chinese, not that we speak more beautifully or accurately than our Chinese counterparts in China, but being bilingual we are able to explain better.

I am very interested in Russian textbooks too. This book is as old as I am, long out of print, it was published in Soviet Union era. I simply love the illustrations!

Such simple lines, don't you find it lovely?

Ever since I came to Russia, I have been approached pretty often to teach Chinese language or English language. Recently I visited an English school which is run by a few Russian ladies. I was invited to their discussion group, whereby Russian adult learners of varying level of proficiency gathered around to discuss about a specific theme. On that day, it was about 'Humour'. We shared many jokes, some racist in nature, some political and many did tickle us to laughter. It was very enjoyable! As a rare foreigner in Kaliningrad, they seemed to be more interested in me than anything else. During the last 15 minutes, it was almost like a press conference, a deja vu if you ask me. As a reporter, I prefer to ask question than being asked! But it did give them opportunities to ask question in English. Most of them have been learning for a long time, but weren't able to come for lessons as often as they wished.

However, the experience led me to think of possibility to teach English and Chinese here, if not online through Skype. With busy lifestyles, it really takes sheer will to bring us working adults to the classrooms again. During my time when I was learning Russian language in Singapore, it was so easy to skip lessons after a hectic day of work. And weekends are rather reserved for resting. However, my will to learn Russian was unstoppable, and I tried to attend as often as I could.

My interest in foreign language, that is, Russian for that matter, prompted me to think of effective ways to sustain people's interest in my own language. Hence teaching Chinese came to mind. I managed to get a copy of teaching guide when I was in Singapore last month, and I believe it will help me greatly, of which I would certainly supplement more with my own input. Being a former reporter, I have too many interesting themes to share with any prospective students in area of Chinese history, Chinese culture and tradition and first and foremost, Chinese mentality.

Do write me if you do need Chinese lessons online! Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, I am sure we have something to talk about. And I would be very glad to help!

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