Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Invited Again to Sing for Victory Day

Rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University, Prof. Victror E. Ivanov spoke at an event to observe Victory Day celeration with Veterans who used to work in the university.
All stood up to sing National Anthemn. This was held in another building of the university.
Veterans are given three stalks of carnation and a commemorative badge.
Gu-Liyu, an Economics student from KGTY together with me are invited to sing for the Veterans.
I sang Russian song "Lonely Accordion" again.
My stage.
Three Russian students sang a Russian song, look at the coloured belts they are wearing, (tri-colour of Russian flag) patriotism is intimately expressed in many ways.
We were given carnations too after our performance! More than three stalks each!
A nice hall in an academic building. Some Veterans behind me prefer to be left alone.
A reception after the peformance and speeches, Veterans alike savoring snacks and a warm gathering.
A teaching staff approached us to tell us how much she liked our singing. Another staff also left me a note and contact number to visit him in the university.
One of the Veterans, she's 90 years old but looking great for her age. She belongs to the first batch of Russians to settle in Kaliningrad after the second world war.
Leaving the hall gleefully with carnation and memory.

After the gathering last week, Gu-Liya and I are invited to sing again at a more formal event to commemorate Victory Day. This time it is a much more official event, where the Rector spoke alongside with a few other Veterans.
Not only students sang, teaching staff also performed during this occassion. After the performance and speeches, I took the opportunity to mingle with the guests and spoke as much as I could at the reception. Besides me and Gu-Liya, none of the students stayed but we had a great time hearing the Veterans spoke briefly about their lives.

A group of pre-school students were invited to dance and present flowers to the elderly Veterans. Awareness of their national history starts early, which is absent in many countries these days. Maybe there is a thing or two the world can learn from Russia.

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