Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Visit to Dormitory 1 of KGTU

The great chef, Cui whipped up great dish for us!
Trying in vain to picture the food...
From left, Blangadeshi, Vietnamese, Syrian and Blangadeshi. They are future engineers and shipbuilders. Our common language is Russian.
Cui-style fried chicken, good enough to start a restaurant!
The great chef Cui Zhi-hao with his assistant, Gu Li-ya. This is the common kitchen for students.They like to sing for leisure, they both performed a few times in the Kaliningrad region. What a great partnership!

While I am not unfamiliar with dormitory life when I was a student, I have chosen to give dorm life a miss in Russia this time. However I do visit friends in the dormitory from time to time. Most students in Kaliningrad live in dormitory, some of them like me rented flat in neighbouring areas.
Cost of rental of dormitory is extremely low in Russia but that also translate to minimal, if not deficit of facilities. However living in the dorm is a great way to practise Russian, which I have sadly missed out. If I were twenty years younger, I would have preferred the community life.
I will visit them more often before I leave. Speaking to Syrian, Vietnamese, Nepalese and Blangadeshi in Russian instead of English is a surreal experience, which will never be repeated elsewhere.
All the best, my friends in Kaliningrad!

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