Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello Perestroika!

Haiying is our newest dorm mate. My role is that of inspection and quality control of the perestroika of her room.

We have experienced friends with skillful hands to undertake the work. Now, this is the freely-distributed wallpapers!
Being considerate and well-liked, she could hang around and let others willingly do the work for her. That's our unconditional camaraderie in the dormitory.

These are not renovators. They are our good friends from Nepal and Blangadesh. They are studying Russian too.
My guest appearance was meant to lend moral support...and add one more fun picture to my memory.

I cannot seem to stop writing about our perestroika in the dormitory. Since the day I completed my renovation, the end result seems too irresistible. And right after that, we have Shafiq from Kabul who completed his with help from his brother. Two months later, Sazhad made his attempt after living there for 1 and a half years. Now it is Haiying from China who did her's with help from Narendra and Zamil. With the work going on the corridor, even Russian students were curious.

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