Friday, November 19, 2010

Eid Mubarak Celebration in Kaliningrad

What we know as Korban in Singapore and Malaysia, is called Eid Mubarak Celebration here.

Happy mood when our friend, Shafiq from Kabul joked around.

Great cooks - Narendra and Faruk.

Chef of the day. Nasir. Actually he is only one of them.

Celebration in full swing.

Amir, a beautiful baby from a Blangadesh-Russian mix-marriage.

Syrian brothers, with Blangadesh in the middle. "Не это плохо! "

Some can act cool and silly at the same time. From Kabul again.

Some can smile any time at the camera. The four Chinese students from Dorm 1.

International representation from China, Singapore, Russia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Blangadesh and Syria.

A happily newly married couple from Northeastern China. The one in yellow is our newest member in the dorm.

Heavenly delicious lamb dish from Nasir, the greatest chef among all. He is from Blangadesh.

Chicken dish and rice.

Our teacher, Irina Sergevna.

In full anticipation of the celebration!

Contribution from Chinese, including me, Russian-style salad.

Our favourite teacher again!

Willing helpers.

Deep fried chicken.

Homemade chapati.

Tables are set to welcome guests.

Eid Mubarak is an important celebration for our Muslim brothers and sisters. They live in the same dormitory with us. They are from Blangadesh, Syria and Afghanistan. Their invited guests include one Singaporean, four Chinese, three Russians and etc.

We don't often have such major celebrations like this, of this scale, of this level of participation from friends near and far. It was thrown jointly by Narendra, Nasir, Jumil, Sajjad and Faruk. They were the main cooks. And we Chinese contributed salads and fruits. It was a joyful time. As we live in the dormitory, we had to gather cutlery and chairs and whatever useful from all the rooms to present a great party.

It was simply superb! Thank you all.

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