Friday, January 21, 2011

Making 'Yuan xiao' in Russia

They are not turtle eggs! They are yuan-xiao, Chinese dumplings with fillings.

Active participation of other Chinese students.

Living in spartan existence in typical Russian dormitory, our physical and mental salvation is often that of the gastronomic. In Chinese blood, food is a constant craving, a second nature, perhaps. We are often easily united by food and the daily ritual of preparing it.

Cui is a former cook before he came here to study. Armed with an economics degree and flawless spoken Russian, he started his own business here. During his leisure time, he is always ready to flaunt his culinary skills. Today it was yuan-xiao or Chinese dumplings with red bean paste. Yesterday it was La-mian, (Chinese noodles), oh yes, he does "La" (pull )the noodles like those chefs at Ding-Tai-Feng restaurant. Impressive!!! We were like little kids crowding around him to see him perfecting those stunts. However in this blog I could only satisfy you with pictures of him making yuan-xiao - a lower level endeavour.

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