Monday, January 10, 2011

Winterly Nights in Kaliningrad

Baltic nights with New Year tree in Kaliningrad.
Victory Park in snow and ice.
Taking a long walk from Park Victory to city centre.
Eternal fire, honouring the courageous Soviet army who gave up their lives in name of freedom and glory of the Fatherland.

Snow melting away, temporarily putting fur coats aside, Kaliningradians are enjoying a warm post-new year day at 1.3 degree celcius today. Soft white snow has now thickened into ice and it makes walking on the streets extremely dangerous.
As a single girl, I hardly leave the dormitory in the evening without company and hence I know little about the night view of Kaliningrad. The one I saw today was very delightful. The blue sky and white church with golden cross defines the Russian-ness of this one and only Russian Baltic city in its far far west. I will never get enough of it.


  1. Tnanx for these nice pictures, Kaliningrad is a very beautiful and interesting city of Russia.

  2. I am glad you like the city! I love it!