Monday, October 5, 2009

Under the Rainbow

A full arch of rainbow appeared before my window yesterday. The golden building bears testimony to the twilight glory.
Какая чудная радуга! Мне было очень повезло!

Under the Rainbow

I never knew the word "rainbow" could be used so extensively. Thanks to the the rainbow I saw that day, and I looked up the dictionary firstly to find out how to spell in Russian but only to discover more!

In Russian, “радуга” means rainbow and it shares the same root with another word “рад”, which means happy!! With that, we have adjective “радужный” and adverb “радужно”.

“Радужный” means optimistic, bright, rosy, for instance "радужные надежды "
( optimistic expectations) and "радужные ожидания / предвкушения" (rosy anticipations).

When one is in very high spirits, we say "у него радужное настроение". To look at things at bright side, we can use adverb like this : "радужно смотреть на все"!

I hate the inadequacy of my little camera which failed to capture the full glory of its beauty! Here and now, I miss all my photographer friends, at Zaobao or beyond, e.g. Guo-ming who was with me on assignment in Cambodia in 2007, where we saw rainbow at Angkor Wat. In awe and speechless, we sat down on the grass with the rest of the tourists...marvelled but in almost drop-pin silence.

My Russian friend with the usual stoic look, not quite understood my joy, said plainly: " You will see it so often here. Relax."

But little does he know that rainbow in Singapore is obstructed or sliced by too many tall buildings, and we often work till night falls and don't quite remember how it looks like anymore.

Rainbow is ephemeral but the happiness of viewing is not, I would like to register my happiness here, no matter how transient it was.


俄语的“彩虹”是“радуга”和“рад”(高兴) 属于同一字根,而衍生出的形容词“радужный”和副词“радужно”都有愉快、高兴的意思。

当一个人对前景乐观,或者对未来有乐观的展望,我们说一个人有“радужные надежды” 或者”радужные ожидания / предвкушения ” 。当他心情漂亮的时候,我们说他 “у него радужное настроение”。

副词是这样用: “радужно смотреть на все”,凡事往好的一面看!





Вчера в 6 часов, я в первый раз увидела радугу из моего окна. Такой красивый вид! Говорят, что в Калининграде часто бывает радуга, особенно после дождя на сумеречном небе.

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