Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gastronomic Diary: 6 (Soup Is a Way of Life)

Russian vegetable soup, prounounced as "Shi", to be served with hard-boiled egg and sour cream. It is my next best alternative to the Chinese salted vegetable soup.

This is Borsch from the "The Seventh Continent " Supermarket, to be served cold.

This is my favourite soup at a chain restaurant, a little sour and rich in flavour with thinly sliced vegetables, ham and black olives. It has already cast a spell on me.

Now! A closer look before you come to Russia to taste it!

My first Borsch in the university canteen, I never fail to spill it on the tray while struggling to find a seat among strangers.
Another version of Borsch in a cup, good and rich. Will visit the cafe again!

A lazy day with ready-made chicken and noodle soup from the supermarket.

This Hungarian goulash was far from what I expected, but the trio of little buns with butter and herbs was delightful.

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  1. 那里的食物,看起来还真的不怎么吸引人:粉红色的汤,像马来人的sirap bandung、汤还加cream……