Saturday, October 10, 2009

Russian Way of Life:4 (Say It With Flowers)

The first bouquet of flowers in my room to keep me alive.

Even a sillouette is equally appealing.

Typical place to get yourself some flowers in Kaliningrad.

Florists at the Central Market, this is only one among the dozens, and many more.

Flowers are often freshest from the elderly people, they seemed to have pluck them from their backyards. The elderly economy is a neccessary one as their pension is sadly inadequate.

While it is the most natural thing to see me bringing flowers home, it is, to my amazement, a norm to see men holding bouquets on the streets, in an attempt to make their loved one smile.

Strolling along the street in Kaliningrad with my flowers.

Shopowner decorating a little corner with a huge rose, only slightly smaller than my face.

Residents here seem to have green fingers, where flowers blossomed to the fullest at the flat I live in. Randomly saw this beautiful one and snapped a picture.

Flowers are also sold like this in the market place. No bargaining is needed, prices are often fixed. Take it or leave it.

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