Saturday, October 17, 2009

Russian Way of Life:7 (Growing Up)

My host family. The beautiful boy Alexander or Sasha is only 14 years old but standing at 190 cm, plays piano, enjoys reading Harry Potter (in Russian of course) and lately likes rock-climbing.

As a friendly gesture, he said I could have any of his stamp collection.

In return, I have some souvenirs for him from Singapore, including three books from Harry Potter's series in English.

He is hiting the lamp in his room.

Sasha's room with his series of Russian ghost stories and family portrait.

Doll-like Sasha with his father when he was little.

A taste of Russian violence. Sasha was attacked by his little friend with both hands and see what her tiny face had turned into. Sasha's mother was laughing hysterically in the picture and failed to rescue her angelic son from the clutches of the red devil.


  1. The little Sasha looks like a Russian. I mean the baby does have Russian face but the grown up Sasha doesn't.

  2. He is a Russian before and now. Speaks English, German and Russian of course. Doing all the science subjects and paving the way to be a doctor.